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Here are some questions we frequently get asked by our customers.

Visas are the permission that are granted by a autonomous nation to a traveler permitting entry into that country for a specific purpose. an endorsement/stamp/label on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country. The most common types of visas are granted for the specific purposes of tourism, business or attending a conference, establishing temporary or permanent residence, or going to study.

The cost will depend on the visa you apply for depending on the embassy of particular country and services they offer you can check cost in visa page by selecting destination country, purpose of visit and resident of city.

Some consulates / embassy require you to appear in person at the consulate / embassy to apply for your visa. This may require to verify your identity, biometric or conduct a formal interview.

Depending on the country, you can get a visa before you travel from an consulate / embassy or at the airport upon arrival.

The fee is usually not refundable, even if your visa application is refused or if you withdraw your application, None of the fees paid for getting visa are refundable.

Visa on arrival is issued once you enter the respective country. This kind of visa is usually issued to tourists when the enter the visiting country for travel purpose. There are a few countries where you need not have a visa to enter. You can just buy an ticket to that country and land up there.

This varies allot depending on the embassy (country) and the type of service they offer.

You cannot visit a country with an expired visa, You will need a new visa.
it will help you to find documents checklist you track your application status and it will makes the whole process for you much faster and easier.
E-visa is short for electronic visa. E visa is an official document which is issued by the Immigration Department to allow international passengers to enter and travel across a nation.
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